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Drops of Water

Leak Detections & Roof Repair

Are you experiencing roof leaks or ceiling stains from rain throughout the year? Leaks coming from your roof are best spotted and taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further issues arising.

Leak Detection and Roof Repair Services

Our professional roofers are skilled in detecting the root of the problem to provide you with the best solution for repairs.
Common tile roof repairs we undertake to keep your roof watertight are repointing, replacing worn or damaged tiles and flashings. We also offer metal roof repairs and restorations to keep your home dry and roof in a good condition. Damage can occur over-time from general wear and tear due to the weather, old age or external impact during storms or bushfires.
Other factors can also impact the quality of your roof such as the functionality of your gutter system and cleanliness of your roof, as clogged gutters and dirty roofs can hold water and moisture that can create rust and breakage on metal components.

A great preventative measure that can be taken to minimise the risk of severe leakages and structural damage is having regular roof inspections. How often you would get your roof inspected depends on the location, surrounding trees and weather your home is exposed to, and so we can help you determine how often your roof should be inspected.


We offer our services throughout the following areas:


Our leak detection and roof repair services are offered throughout:


  • Sydney

  • Northern Suburbs

  • Lower North Shore

  • Upper North Shore

  • Northern Beaches

  • The Forest

  • Eastern Suburbs

  • Inner West

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