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5 Tips for a Better Roof

If you enjoy the feeling of a secure roof above your head which looks impeccable and works as it should, then here are some helpful tips from us on keeping it that way:

1. Regular Gutter Cleans

The density of trees in your area, especially any trees directly overhanging your property, will determine how regularly your gutters should be cleaned.

But not only leaves, but moss, airborne particles and anything which lands on the roof will accumulate in the gutters and eventually cause blockages or even rust them through.

12-month gutter clean - low accumulations

6-month gutter clean - moderate accumulations

3-month gutter clean - heavy accumulations

1-month gutter clean - you live in the Amazon

2. Pressure Washing

Nothing is faster and cuts through more dirt and grime than pressure washing.

Your roof, gutters, walls and exterior surfaces can be made to look almost brand new after a meticulous blast of high-pressure water (with or without an added soap solution).

An annual pressure wash of your property can do wonders for not just its appearance but its longevity as well.

3. Repointing

The lesser-known secret to a water-tight roof is the condition of its pointing.

Pointing is a cement-based mixture which is applied around the edges of a tile roof's ridge-caps (tiles on top of the roof's ridges).

This pointing acts as a water-tight seal which ensures no water can enter the roof. But over time this seal can crack and deteriorate and allow water to enter the roof cavity and appear to create leaks in almost ANY part of the house below.

If you have a leaking roof which you cannot seem to find the cause of, chances are it's because you need repointing.

4. Regular Inspections

The value of LOOKING at the roof cannot be overstated.

While this is sometimes difficult without a ladder or flying a drone over the house, the most obvious problems can be discovered (such as a fallen or broken tile), or with an expert's help finding those mystery causes of leaks or other roofing problems.

If you think there's a problem but you're not sure, best to have a look and see.

5. Ask Questions

Our office staff are always willing to answer questions and give advice if there's something you don't know or are curious about. Give us a call anytime.

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