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8 Roof Self-Inspection Tips

It's useful to know some signs to look for as to whether it's worth getting a professional roof inspection done.

Here's a few simple ones to start with:

  1. Do you notice your gutters overflowing when it rains?

  2. Do you HEAR water overflows when it rains?

  3. Do you SEE dark spots or moisture spots appearing on your inside ceiling or on the exterior eves lining?

  4. Can you SMELL dampness in some rooms?

  5. Does water drip inside when it rains?

  6. Any warping on ceilings or walls?

  7. Any jungles growing out of the gutters?

  8. Any unplanned "water features" appearing inside your house when it rains?

Let us know if you'd like us to come have a look at your roof.

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