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All About Your Gutters

Today's sermon is on the lively subject of gutters. (I'll leave it up to you to decide if that sentence was sarcasm or not.) Here's some useful facts about Gutters

• Gutters serve the simple purpose of getting rain water off your roof as quickly and efficiently as possible and then directing it down drainage pipes instead of simply gushing off in all directions.

• Water is a very corrosive substance, and any area of roof surface which allows water to pool on it will inevitably result in leaks, deterioration and damage.

• The construction of all good roofs and gutter systems should be designed so as to get the water off fast and not allow it to collect anywhere.

• Leaves, dirt and other vegetation can collect in gutters over time and so will inhibit their function of draining water fast, thus regular gutter cleans become necessary.

Gutter Guard is a popular measure taken to protect gutters from becoming clogged with organic matter over time, however a fine silt will still accumulate and this too needs to be cleaned out to prevent possible blockages.

• If the gutters appear clean and yet water flows are still backing up, then the blockage could be inside the downpipe, and if so, will require flushing to clear it.

I hope this helps to aid your understanding of how your gutters should work, and if they aren't working correctly then let us know if you'd like us to help.

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