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Common Roof Repairs, Sydney

Wear and tear from the weather as well as external damage from storms and bushfires can create a verity of roofing issues, including:

  • Deteriorating pointing

  • Damaged roof tiles or metal sheets

  • Flashing problems

  • Chimney damage

  • Sagging sections of your roof

These can cause water leaks of which I am sure everybody has experienced one time or another! And so, it is best to stay on top of roof maintenance by identifying and addressing any issues as soon as possible. Our professional roofers at Frontline can assist you in improving your roofs lifespan and keeping it in a great condition.

Leaking roof repairs

Roof leaks are most obvious during times of heavy rain, but can also be spotted by other indications that may not be easy to notice at first. Water stains can be a sign of a roof leak, and can be seen as discoloured patches of ceiling that tend to dry in a slightly brown colour. These areas can cause weak spots in your ceiling and timber trusses which need to be tended to; as a swab of paint won’t do anything to fix the underlying issue. Another sign of a water leak is a damp or musty smell that hangs around after rain, as mould loves to grow in these damp areas. We can help detect where the leak is coming from and fix it correctly to avoid it happening again. Let’s take a look at some common roof repairs below:


Pointing is the cement mortar or flexible pointing used to seal the gaps between ridge caps on tiled roofs. Over time it’s prone to deteriorate, leaving spaces for water to seep through. The weather and environment can have an impact on how long your pointing lasts, although generally around every 10 years it should be checked and repointed if necessary. We can assess your roof for any repointing necessary and so feel free to reach out to our friendly team today.

Damaged tiles and metal sheets

Loose and damaged roof tiles can occur over time and can create cracks for water to leak through. By inspecting the cladding and underlying structures, we are able to detect any faults such as cracked or worn tiles as well any damaged metal sheeting or damaged screws. When caught early on the matter may only require minimal repair or replacement compared to larger works if the problem escalates. Another common inspection when assessing roofs are the flashings, as damage to these can also lead to the underlying structure being exposed to water.


Flashings play a key role in keeping a water-tight roofing system. They tend to be comprised of a thin material such as galvanised steel located at joints and intersecting areas of your roof. You’ll spot them installed around any skylights, chimneys and other protruding roof features to keep any water out. Common issues with flashing can include corrosion and damage from severe weather conditions, and are best inspected, repaired, or replaced by professionals to retain the integrity of your roof.

Sagging roofs

One more issue found regarding roof repairs is sagging roofs. Sagging roofs compromise the safety of your home and if not taken care of they risk severe damage and potential collapse. They are caused by severe water damage, wear over time or deterioration of internal structures by pests such as termites. If you notice any sagging areas, or signs of termites such as the presence of discarded wings - you should get the structure of your roof assessed as soon as possible. At Frontline Roofing Sydney we service surrounding areas from Wahroonga and Chatswood over to Dee Why, Randwick Burwood and in between.

How we can help

Common roof repairs in Sydney include repairing and replacing worn, damaged or loose roof tiles, taking care of any flashing issues, chimney damage and at times sagging roofs. By spotting these issues early on you can ensure that they are professionally taken care of to a high standard. Often these issues are indicated by water leaks, water stains on your ceiling or a bulging or cracking ceiling (hopefully it’s noticed before the last one!) Whatever the case, Frontline Roofing Sydney can help take care of these issues and are just a phone call away.

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