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How to Spot Bad Tradesmen

When I came into the roofing industry some time ago I brought a great deal of prior experience with me from earlier areas of management I was in.

Now this doesn’t strictly apply only to the trades but to all service areas.

Here’s a few ways I know of for how to spot “bad” or unreliable workers or companies.


How easy is it to get in touch with them? Anyone can miss a phone call if they are busy, but does it feel like they are avoiding you somehow or not playing it straight? Not a good sign.


When you do get a hold of them, do they treat you as important? Are they actually interested very much? Service industries are suppose to SERVE, so if they don’t seem keen on paying you some basic respect then why have relations with them?


It’s a time-honoured truth that some people will cover things up by making them seem “too complex for you to understand” so you must “trust their judgment and expertise”. A person truly seeking to do a good service will try to make things understandable so that you can make a more informed decision.


You’ve paid for a quality end result. That’s why a professional gets hired. Is this being delivered? If something goes wrong or needs a later fix, is the person or company truly going the extra mile to make sure it’s FULLY delivered so that you’re satisfied?


Someone looking for a quick buck isn’t going to stick around for long because you might find out something about them. An honest and reputable company is reputable because they deliver what they promise and they value lasting client relationships and so hope for future opportunities to deliver even more good works.

There’s even more to this which could be covered but I’ll keep it kind of basic for now. I hope this information helps you out. Let us know if you need anything.

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