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Little-known Facts about Roofs

A roof is more that just something hanging over your head, and it might be useful to know a bit more about it so you can make more informed decisions.

Here's some lesser-known points about roofs and gutters:

  • On single-story houses, 30% of what you SEE is the roof. So keep it looking good

  • The roof is the most important part of the house as it protects everything beneath it from water damage, even the walls

  • Decomposing leaf matter which isn't cleaned out will eventually rust gutters

  • Modern roofs have more services (solar panels, air conditioning, water boilers) on them than ever before. But was the roof correctly designed to support them? And did the installation deteriorate the roof's integrity?

  • Insurance companies now have stricter requirements on roof condition in order to approve claims

  • The majority of roof problems originate from simple lack of earlier maintenance

  • Any point where water collects on a roof will lead to eventual damage. Correctly positioned and installed gutter systems and downpipes avoid this from happening

Piece of mind can be achieved by simply having the correct basics in place. The point we push at Frontline Roofing is getting the work done right in the first place so that future work isn't required apart from basic upkeep.

Let us know if you need any help.

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