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5 Signs that Your Gutters Need Cleaning

Water leaking through broken gutter

Can’t remember the last time your gutters were cleaned?

You’re not alone. Often the early signs indicating you need a gutter clean are missed, and it’s only when the issues become quite noticeable that they are taken care of. There are a few signs to look out for that indicate it’s time for a clean and gutter repairs if necessary. Five of these include:

  1. Leaves and debris sticking out of your gutters

  2. Rusting and broken sections of your gutters

  3. Overflowing water during rain

  4. Water stains

  5. Nesting birds or pests in your gutters

By keeping an eye on these you’re able to take preventative measures to maintain the structural integrity of your downpipes and gutters!

Leaves and vegetation

Plants growing out of full gutters

Over time, the leaves and debris clogging your gutter system can also begin to rot, creating a nice environment for vegetation to grow in.

Can you believe we once found a fully grown onion making its home in someone’s gutters! If you haven’t had gutter cleaning in some time, you may notice plants growing out from them which is a sign that they are quite overdue – its best to leave plants growing in the garden.

Additional signs of these blocked sections are also birds bathing in the pools of water, and an increase in insects such as mosquitos, as they tend to breed in the pooled water.

Rusting and broken gutters

Rusting sections of your gutters come about due to prolonged exposure of moisture. A build up of leaves and debris clogging your gutters can hold moisture that eats away at them, eventually causing holes, cracks and even sections that break off.

Cracks and broken sections inhibit the flow of water from exiting, and instead water pours straight through and onto the ground. This may sound harmless at first, however continual exposure to excess water near the base of your home can cause foundational damage in the long-run.

So, it’s best to stay aware of any rusted or cracked areas and get gutter repairs as soon as possible to retain their functionality.

Overflowing water

Another sign that your gutters need a clean is overflowing water during rainfall.

Clogged gutters can block the flow of water and cause it to divert over the side, putting pressure on the side of your gutters. If great enough, the pressure can cause sagging and bending areas, which can potentially break off in the long-term.

If you’re unsure of the condition of your gutters, contact us today about our gutter cleaning services to see how we can help.

Water stains

The overflowing water and leaks from damaged or blocked gutters can also produce water stains on the outside of your home.

Depending on the exterior material, such as bricks, metal, fibre cement or other, these may appear as darker areas or splotches. If consistent enough these stains will hang around and should be taken care of as they that may need gutter repairs.

Is it time for a gutter clean?

If you notice any of these signs such as overflowing water during rainfall, leaves and debris sticking out of your gutters, water stains and the presence of nesting birds or pests such as breeding mosquitos, your downpipes and gutters are up for a clean and possibly repairs.

We can help you with our gutter cleaning services by establishing a regular gutter cleaning schedule that prevents larger issues in the long-term, and that keep your gutters and downpipes in top condition.

If you have any queries you can reach us today on 0478 149 114.

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