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Roof Preparations for Santa

So Mr Claus texted me yesterday from his Nokia 3310 in Greenland. He wanted me to pass on a special message to all home-owners about some important roof preparations to keep in mind for his visits next month.

1. Keep it Clean Keeping the roof tiles or metal sheets clean and clear of debris will allow his deer (especially Prancer with her dancing hoofs) to make safe landings and minimise slippage.

2. Replace Broken Tiles Nothing incurs insurance and legal claims on old Santa faster that him falling into the roof cavity or leaving foot holes which invite water leaks into your home later on. Replacing all cracked or broken tiles on your roof will fool-proof it against any accidents which also create delays in gift delivery times. 3. Support Beams While it's commonly believed that Santa's sleigh is almost weightless due to Christmas Magic being in the air, recent cost-reductions due to inflation has reduced even this. Any part of the roof interior support beams which have deteriorated due to water damage risks sagging the roof tiles and even may eventually collapse (nightmare scenario). An interior roof inspection is the only way to know the condition of these supports for sure. 4. Chimneys While it still remains a modern mystery how Santa enters homes which do not have chimneys or which have alarm systems installed, Santa did advise that weathered chimney flashings or cracks in the chimney itself will risk water entrance which may dampen the presents he lays out. Well that's all I have for you. If you need help to make any required maintenance this month then give us a call to arrange a free quote.

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