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The Gutter Guard Dilemma

To try and save a lot of explaining time on the phone, here's the plain facts about Gutter Guard so you can decide for yourself whether you really need it or not.

The purpose of Gutter Guard is to shield your gutters from accumulating leaves and other large debris which fall onto your roof from trees, wind, etc. and clog up the water flow.

Some people may be led to believe that gutter guard eliminates the need to get your gutters cleaned. Unfortunately this is not true. While gutter guard does stop large debris, your gutters still will accumulate finer dirt particles and sludge inside them over time which eventually will block and rust gutters all the same if it isn't cleaned out.

YES gutter guard will mean less frequent gutter cleaning, however the additional time and cost of unscrewing, lifting, cleaning out and then re-laying gutter guard can more than double the regular price of gutter cleans. Also the appearance of gutter guards becomes increasingly more bent each time they have to be lifted.

The Honest Truth

Being totally blunt with you, although we as a company both sell and install gutter guard as one of our services, we actually don't recommend it in most cases.

If you are beneath a lot of trees which shed leaves constantly then YES gutter guard is probably a sensible choice as you won't have to clean the gutters so regularly.

But if you are wanting gutter guard just to save money then consider the additional cost of cleaning them when needed, plus the initial high price of installing them and there isn't really a cost saving at all compared to just regularly having them cleaned.

There is also the option of buying some of the many types of cheaper DIY gutter guard from Bunnings and plonking that in the gutters, however they won't last nearly as long as the professional aluminium mesh guards will.

So there's the all information for you. If you'd like us to help make a judgement call on your gutters then feel free to send us a message or give us a call.

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