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Tile vs Metal Roofs

It's interesting. Upon a general Google search of "Which roofing material is better: Tile or Metal?" I found a lot of conflicting information. So I've done my best here to write an unbiased list of some of the known facts about each. With it you can hopefully make a more informed decision. FACTS ABOUT TILE

  • Tile is the well-known traditional style of roofing dating back to the Roman Empire

  • Tiles are thick, heavy and durable

  • Individual tiles are very long-lasting and don't rust or rot

  • Individual broken tiles can be replaced without affecting the entire roof

  • Tiles are brittle and can break under to much pressure or impact

  • Tiles put enormous weight on building foundations, the equivalent of several cars being parked above you

  • Since tiles are delicately jigsawed together to create a roof they have less overall structural integrity

  • Tiles must be correctly laid, pitched and "pointed" (given cement sealing along ridges) to create their water seal. This pointing needs replacement after time


  • Metal is the more "modern" roofing material and has its own aesthetic appeal

  • Metal is strong yet lightweight, thereby putting less stress on building foundations

  • Metal sheets, not being a jigsaw of smaller pieces, guarantees water-tightness and integrity across a large surface

  • Metal can be laid flat or angled and still provide the same protection

  • Metal will dent on impact but remain intact, not shatter like tiles.

  • Metal can rust if not coated and maintained

  • Metal sheets generally won't last as long as tiles

While one could debate endlessly on the minor details about each, the basic fact is that it all depends on your individual circumstances. If you would like to know which material is better for YOUR particular circumstances give us a call.

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