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To Gutter Guard or Not?

Gutter Guard is an increasingly popular housing addition these days, so here's some practical information for you from our direct experience working with it. What is Gutter Guard?

Gutter Guard is the general name given to mesh or cage-like enclosures installed around house gutters to protect them from falling leaf and other organic matter accumulating inside the gutters. When to get it? Gutter Guard is worthwhile to have if your house is in a heavily forested area with frequent falling leaves. This saves the overtime of constantly clearing out this clutter more often than is strictly needed. When not to get it? If your house is not experiencing heavy and regular falling foliage then we do not recommend having Gutter Guard installed under the impression that it will lessen or end the need to clean the gutters. Gutter Guard successfully prevents larger objects such as leaves, twigs, etc. from entering the gutters. But what does still enter through the Gutter Guard is a finer silt from this debris which sits on top and still will accumulate to rust gutters and even clog downpipes in the long-term. Additionally, Gutter Guard is a formidable opponent when you wish to have gutters cleaned as its removal tends to deform its structure or at least damage its appearance. Put simply, Gutter Guard installed unnecessarily can cause more hassle in the long-term than just performing a regular gutter clean. So choose wisely what will work best for you. If you'd like help with your gutters let us know

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