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What is Colorbond?

If you hear anyone talking about metal roofs you'll most likely hear the name "Colorbond" being mentioned.

But what is Colorbond? And is it a good choice?

Colorbond is the brand name for an aussie made metal sheeting material which is widely used in construction.

It's popular Australia-wide since it's specifically designed with Australian weather conditions in mind.

It's constructed from five separate layers, including a steel base layer, giving it a strong durability as well as easy installation. It also comes in a wide variety of colours which are baked in (not painted on) and so retains vibrancy and doesn't peel with age.

As a company we recommend Colorbond in about 95% of roofing applications as it delivers the overall best bang for buck.

If you're considering a metal roof and would like some free advice, give us a call: 0478 149 114

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