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When it's too far gone

We've seen a few roofs over the holidays which were frankly needing total replacements, and yet, be it for financial or sentimental reasons, the owners insisted on merely patching the quilt rug further.

Obviously we all want to save as much money as possible, and obviously we all want the best service and results possible. So therein lies the dilemma.

But even aside from the "you get what you pay for" aspect, the other part is simply "is it worth it?"

For us, we like to think of all our jobs in the long run.

Frontline is a reputable company, firmly established through building trust. We honour all our warranties and won't place a warranty on any work we don't feel will last.

There are many a tradie or handyman out there who would be happy to give a roof a good "silicon fix", take cash in hand and disappear forever more.

That isn't us and isn't what we've built our company on.

We will quote you for the best possible long-term solution we can devise, we carry out the work professionally and as promptly as possible, and then assign warranties for the very small chance that it's needed later to ensure we are good to our word of "solving the problem".

That's who we are. Let us know if we can help you.

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