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About Frontline Roofing

We are an energetic Sydney roofing company based in Ryde with a primary focus on building satisfied long-term client relationships and always delivering to the best of our ability.

Good communication and understanding throughout both the quotation process and works ongoing has lead to rave customer response which we continue proudly.


We seek to solve the root underlying cause of roofing problems so that they don't reoccur, instead of simply concealing with a bandaid approach. While new roof and reroof projects we complete at or higher than the industry standard. Get in touch with us to find out more.


Call 0478 149 114 or email

ryde office

Meet Our Base Team

Our core office team here at Frontline Roofing consists of individuals specialised in their fields and each responsible for delivering to you a highly satisfactory result and experience.


Casey Bautista

Company Owner and team manager, Casey's focus is upon future growth through quality assurance.


Mitch Diggins

As the Production Manager, Mitch oversees the on-site work and its crews to ensure final results and nothing is missed.

Luke Ayers

Sales and Marketing Manager, Luke prioritises honesty, transparency and customer care above all else.


Tanja Djekic

Office Manager and likely your point of first contact, Tanja will arrange your first bookings, quotes and answer all questions.


Kelly Latham

Estimator for roofing quotes. Honest, frank and interested in finding the right solution for you.


Aaron Langford

Heads our commercial unit. Friendly, helpful and wanting to provide a professional experience.

Jasmin Gallop

Chief Finanical Officer and (uncommonly) the easiest person to talk to when paying bills and invoices.


Ayla Thorbjornsen

Casey's personal assistant and communications officer for Frontline, Ayla is as diligent as they come and with friendliness to boot.


Dan Bautista

Dan's the man on the tools. Dauntless, and tiles fear him. One of the team members you'll likely see on roofing projects.


Liam King

Nothing misses this young roofer. Sharp as a tac and responsible to impress.

Our Quality Guarantee

We specialise in doing things right the first time so that you avoid needing any follow-up work being done at additional time and expense. We guarantee our service delivery and provide better-than-average warranties. Our roofers are highly trained and qualified technicians who know how to correctly diagnose, repair, install or otherwise address any of your roofing needs so as to provide an end result which lasts. Certificates of Currency are available on request.

Contact us now and let's get it done.
CALL 0478 149 114

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